Weirder things have happened

I like how my biology lab procedure just assumes that everyone has mouldy bread in their fridge

Dad: So, what statement are you trying to make by having those Powerpuff Girls buttons on your backpack?
Me: ...
Me: ...that I like the Powerpuff Girls...

New Years Resolutions…?

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Wore my SMU Chemistry hoodie to my biology exam yesterday, like the rebel I am

First year biology and we are already injecting modified DNA with a gene from jellyfish into E.coli bacteria to make them glow under UV light.

mad scientist here I come

Chell cosplay!

 chocolatewoosh said: Oh man thats so cute! You look super great! Oh gosh

Thank you! ^_^ I still need to get the jumpsuit and somehow make the long fall boots. ._. But thanks for telling me where to get the portal gun! That was very helpful. :D